Workshop 1 – Further Learning


Attitudes Matter - Community Attitudes towards People with Disabilities | CRE-DH

Improving Accessibility and Inclusivity of People with Disability in a Community and Mainstream Setting | Latrobe Community Health Service

State Disability Action Plan 2022-2026 Summary | Inclusive Victoria


Nas Campanella Profile (The Age)

Stella Young - The Wheel Perspective (ABC Ramp Up)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing People are Finally Gaining Access to the World of Podcasting | SBS The Feed


Understanding Models of Disability

Language Guide - People with Disabilities Australia


Finding a Voice | Nas Campanella | TEDxYouth@MoriahCollege

I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much | Stella Young | TED Talk

Understanding Disability - Disability Action Plans | Victorian Healthcare Association

Catering for Everyone | YouMeUs

"What does Australia really think about Disability?" (57 minutes) | SBS

Understanding Disability | Women with Disabilities Victoria

Training Videos for Inclusive Employment | Inclusive Towns


Sinead Burke

Sinead has Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism and highlights the lack of inclusivity within the fashion and design industries and consult with leadership to ensure the process of designing for, with and by disabled people is embedded into their business model.

Video - When building this world, no one thought of me

Talks That Matter

Talks That Matter is a unique, online video strategy developed by Belonging Matters which harnesses the leadership of people with disabilities, families and allies who have challenged exclusionary practices. Many of the people within Belonging Matters' vast international network are featured in Talks That Matter ensuring a rich, global perspective.

TTM is an ideal learning and teaching resource for people with a disability, families, support workers, organisations, students, teachers, trainers, planners, professionals, managers, CEOs, policy makers and others who are boundary pushers!

Inclusive Towns

This site is designed to reduce some of the unknowns (where are the accessible toilets?) and frustrations (this pub has steps!) that can be experienced by the community when visiting new places.
You can search the directory of registered businesses by the feature that most benefits you (such as which cafes have autism friendly spaces, accessible toilets or picture menus) and identify inclusive employers and explore accessible accommodation options. You can also find the contact information for each business, and additional access and inclusion information for towns who have participated in the Inclusive Towns Project.

Online Courses and Information

Partners for Youth with Disabilities 

How to be Disability Inclusive | Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU)

Human Rights Model of Disability | DARU

Communication Access and Awareness Training | Access Ability Australia

Introduction to Disability Awareness


Invis-Ability | Wallara

How Attitudes Disable | University of Melbourne

Disabling Ableism | University of Melbourne

Our Deaf Ways | Deaf Australia & SBS