Workshop 3 – Further Learning


One in Five | Melbourne Disability Institute

One in Five explores some of the most complex issues facing people with disability today. In Australia, one in five people live with disability. The podcast gives voice to people with disability and asks about their experiences with employment, housing, the law, supporting families and early intervention. A range of experts including people with disability, researchers and people working in the sector talk about what we can do to improve the lives of people with disability.

ListenABLE | Dylan Alcott & Angus O’Loughlin

Challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability.

Hosts Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin speak to people living with disabilities about their lives and ask them the questions you thought were off-limits. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn something. This is a podcast for everyone – disabled or abled, and hopes to break down stigmas, change perceptions, and to challenge what you think it’s like to live with disability.

Inform | Independence Australia

Inform Podcast is a monthly conversation for people with disabilities, featuring people with disabilities. We ask for advice on all the big topics, from finding work to changing careers, relationships, moving house, dating, playing sport, finding a hobby, caring for pets, navigating the NDIS and more. We also speak with industry experts and other organisations doing good work in the disability space in Australia.

Belonging Matters

The Belonging Matters Podcast is for people with disabilities, family and friends of people with disabilities, and anyone interested in providing a more inclusive life for people with disabilities. The podcast is a collection of real life stories focused on the good life for people with disabilities sourced from people with disabilities and their families, and a spectrum of professionals and advocates.


KMPG’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2021-2023

Tv Shows

Re-Frame | ABC

Points of Difference | ABC

Video Series

Tips for talking to a person with a disability | Scope


In 2019, Amaze asked autistic people to share their stories of work and employment. Spectrospective is the short documentary film exploring what the autistic community shared in response.

Spectrospective: Work – The Film | Amaze


Creating Accessible Documents: Word and PDF | Vision Australia

Suitable for anyone who uses Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, we’ll teach you how to ensure your digital documents are accessible to everyone, including people with disability or impairment.